Incomparable #201

To whom then will you liken God? Or what likeness will you compare to Him? The workman molds an image, the goldsmith overspreads it with gold, and the silversmith casts silver chains. (Isaiah 40:18-19)

The true and living God is incomparable. Whenever men craft images and deify them, they do it to their own demise. Hindus construct images of gods and goddesses big and small, and adorn them with flowers, oils and ornaments. Roman Catholics object to this, yet they fashion images of Jesus for use in their rituals and prayers, as if they hold some sacramental virtue. God does not command us to form images of Him or use images to represent Him. He reveals His presence and power in the universe He created. Of the heavens He said, “Lift up your eyes on high, and see who has created these things” (Isaiah 40:26). Take time to look up and see all that God has made: “There is none like Him, none can compare, no god His equal, no prince His heir. Lift up your eyes and see His great might.”