Be Merciful #314

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. (Matthew 5:7)

The world is a cruel place. Mercy does not cross the mind of the ruthless. But, citizens of the kingdom of heaven measure their actions and reactions toward others with this simple calculation: God has shown mercy to me, therefore, I will be merciful to others. Mercy is compassion put into action. Mercy acts to relieve what is unbearable as it has pity on one who is under a heavy load of sin. As God is moved with compassion and forgives us our debt of sin, we are being prepared to show mercy to others (Matt. 18:27-35). By showing mercy to others we reflect the heart and action of God toward us. If we cannot be merciful to others then we will not be forgiven by God. Be different from the world; be merciful in your treatment of others, as God has been merciful to you.